Weight Lifting Belt for Men and Women


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    •  PROTECT YOUR LOWER BACK: Our Iron Body Team lifting belt protects the back and becomes an indispensable lifting accessories for any athlete, and for people who want to maintain their lower back in work and everyday life. Our 6-inch nylon weightlifting belt features a Velcro strap for a perfect, secure fit.
    • PERFECT CONTOUR BELT for STABLE SUPPORT: Our workout waist belt has an ideal anatomical design providing optimal support for the back and abdomen during any workout. Proper weightlifting belt will give you the extra strength and support you need for bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, Crossfit, traction, and squats – IPF and USAPL also approve them.
    • 100% TENSION ADJUSTMENT AND LOWER BACK PROTECTION: Forget about Velcro straps that unfasten at the most dangerous moment and leather belts with pre-drilled holes that stretch when used. Buying our exercise belt, you can adjust the tension of the Velcro strap to the desired level. Besides, you don’t need to worry that it will cancel while you are at the very bottom of the squat!
    • COMFORTABLE and LIGHTWEIGHT WORKOUT BELTS: Our training belt combines durability and lightweight thanks to the high-quality fabric. The mesh upper layer makes a gym belt for men very comfortable to wear and breathable. An ideal belt for Olympic or explosive exercises, such as Overhead Squats, Clean & Jerks, Push-Presses, Power Cleans…even Lunges!


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