Professional Yoga Circle Pilates


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    • PILATES EQUIPMENT: This resistance ring is a great addition to your personal Pilates and home gym equipment. This tool allows you to promote mindful movement and exercise your arms, legs, and core.
    • HOME GYM RINGS: Designed for home resistance training, our workout rings are made from flexible plastic with a rubberized shell. Upper body, core and lower body exercise. They feature padded ergonomic handles for optimum comfort.
    • EXERCISE VIDEOS: With a free 15-minute training streaming video, this hoop can help men and women of all ages achieve their fitness and stretching goals—for a beginner, Pilates master, and anyone in between.
    • HOME & STUDIO: This professional-grade Pilates circle is high quality and perfect for use at home, in a small fitness studio, or in a group Pilates class.
    • BALANCED BODY: Balanced Body is dedicated to providing Pilates-based education and equipment that empowers users to be mindful of movement, make healthy lifestyle changes, and ultimately find balance.



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