New 3 Bar Leg Stretcher


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    • FLEXIBILITY IS IN THE FIGHT: When muscles are tight, it’s hard to win fights. KO your rival and rigidity by increasing your range of motion with your 3 bar martial arts leg stretcher machine by Champs MMA.
    • BOXING BENEFITS: Fighting for flexibility doesn’t just maximize motion. Stomp down soreness, recovery time, and injury potential with your splits trainer that also wins you balance.
    • SETS A HIGH BAR: You deserve MMA gear that’s as tough as you. Your heavy-duty stretching MMA equipment can take a beating thanks to its unrivaled powder-coated stainless steel bars.
    • FITS YOUR FLEX: Get a hamstring stretch machine you can align to your limber. It boasts 21.8-40.27 in. adjustable legs, 5 hole adjustments, and up to 180° pull for a machine made for you.
    • GET A HANDLE ON COMFORT: Don’t grapple with uncomfortable workout machines for home stretching. Boost bendability and comfort with a martial arts flexibility stretcher that features non-slip memory foam handles.


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