Neck Harness Strength Trainer


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    • PROTECT YOUR MOST IMPORTANT LINK: Can you imagen having a paralyzed body because something happened to your week neck? Invest in your health, strengthen up with Neck Trainer and prepare for the unthinkable. A strong neck can save you in high contact sports like football, MMA and everyday life accidents.
    • BOOST YOUR PHYSIQUE AND GET A ONE WAY TICKET TO THE ALPHA CLUB: Tired of not been taken seriously? Then do something about it! Noting screams alpha like a swollen thick VIKING neck under a tight shirt! Get the respect you deserve.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY AND COMFORTABLE DESIGN: When you are building your neck, you should focus on your training and not be bothered with bad design.  Straps are adjustable and padded for your comfort. Double stitching will enable you to use more weight than your neck can handle and you can easily train your side neck by attaching cable machines to our V rings.
    • COVERED BY VIKINGSTRENGTH LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Providing our customers with premium products and a good experience is our mission. If you are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund or a free replacement product.


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