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    • EFFECTIVE YET GENTLE: Some acupressure mats feel hard against your body and can cause some discomfort. But our acupressure massager mat comes with points that are gentle against your body to offer a massaging effect without the discomfort and pain. You will feel total relaxation with every use.
    • TOTAL SUPPORT: As this therapeutic massage mat has a good width and length, it should be enough to fit your entire back. This is why you no longer have to deal with mats that can only support your upper to middle back. Our set also includes an acupressure massage pillow for neck pain relief, which can also be used as a foot massage pad.
    • ENJOY THE BENEFITS: Does your back or neck feel stiff and painful? Oftentimes, it is the lack of circulation that causes the pain on these parts of your body. This acupuncture mat set triggers pressure points in the body with its thousands of strategically-placed pricks to promote blood circulation, relieve stress & aches, and ease muscle tension.
    • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This is a portable acupressure mat that you can take with you anywhere you want to go. Pack it in the trunk of your car and have a portable relaxation tool that can quickly eliminate the stress and tension on pressure points in your body. It is like getting a massage anytime and anywhere you want!
    • SUPERIOR QUALITY MAT: Made from highly durable materials such as plant-based foam and 100% thick cotton, you can be sure that this back pain relief acupressure mat will last for a long time.


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