Heating Neck Shoulder Back Body Massager


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    • 3D Rotating Deep Kneading Massage: The different sized massage heads knead the body with a circular rotary motion. simulating the massage rhythm of a real person, helps you to relax tense muscles and relieves the fatigue in your body.
    • Suitable for Massaging All Parts of The Body: The size, shape and contoured design of the massager help to make it suitable for massaging the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, waist, abdomen, thighs, calves and feet.
    • High Quality Materials: High grade, hand sewn PU leather, comfortable to handle, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly, plus it’s easy to clean. The massage head is covered with a 3-layer, high-strength mesh fabric, which is breathable and wear-resistant. The top-quality movement has passed the laboratory tests certified by the CPSC.
    • Real Heating: You will feel the soothing heat after you turn on the heating function for about 3 minutes. The heating system generates heat close to normal body temperatures. Of course, you can turn off the heating function at any time.


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