Hand Grip Finger Strengthener


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    • IMPROVE GRIP FOR ALL SPORTS: Faster, Stronger, and better Control for all Athletes no matter the age or sport. Great for Limbering your fingers before practice or the big game Strengthen weaker fingers for superior hitting, throwing, and fielding important for so many activities and is easy with our comfortable hand exerciser.
    • BUILD HAND STRENGTH AND FINGER DEXTERITY: Designed to increase the strength of the fingers, wrists and forearms, hand strengthener allows each finger to be isolated for targeted strengthening. Lightweight and compact, the hand exerciser is easily portable, fitting into a purse, carry bag or even your pocket. The spring loaded hand exerciser is quiet, so you can use it whenever you have time, no matter where you are.
    • THREE LEVELS OF TARGETED RESISTANCE: Isolate each finger for targeted strength training. Four pistons, each spring loaded, allow you to work individual fingers to improve grip strength and dexterity. Perfect for beginners and those recovering from surgery the light resistance trainer offers 3 lbs. of tension. The medium level has 7 lbs. of tension and the heavy hand strengthener has 11 lbs. of tension.
    • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Ergonomically designed with a secure material, the hand strengthener provides a comfortable grip. The contoured shape easily fits in the right or left hand


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