Breathable Knee Stabilizer


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    • FULL PROTECTION: This pair of knee pads is a solution to reduce swelling, pain, stiffness and muscle recovery, while providing double protection for the knee. Reduce the pressure on the knee and protect the knee.
    • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Cotton composite fabric three in one, the outer fabric is lint-free, washable fabric; the central fabric has a shock absorbing material to reduce the impact on the knee; the inner fabric uses breathable cotton, a sweat-absorbent material, comfortable to wear.
    • FUNCTION LEVELING: New design on both sides of the spring, no pressure inside the knee, elastic leveling, more comfortable to wear. In addition, the new top-to-bottom sliding device can adjust the spring force, and a single knee protector can support a weight of 20 kg, effectively reducing the pressure on the knee.
    • NON-SLIP DESIGN: The inner layer of the knee lifter has silicone stains. This kneepad is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly, without fear of slipping and easy to wear. When wearing it, you can adjust to find the most comfortable position and make it more secure.
    • FIELD OF APPLICATION: Applicable to all sports activities that put great pressure on the joints, such as running, basketball, football, golf, cycling, tennis, hiking, volleyball, skiing, etc. Also suitable for fitness enthusiasts and the elderly.


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