Body Aligning Yoga Mat


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    • TRANSFORM YOUR PRACTICE: This Premium Yoga mat is designed to be the most innovative & comfortable mat on the market to optimise your home exercises. This product comes with a free Yoga bag.
    • ULTIMATE GRIP: This premium mat benefits from the ground-breaking “GripForMe” material that gives you unparalleled warrior-like grip whilst practicing.
    • REVOLUTIONARY ALIGNMENT SYSTEM: Our intelligently designed unique “AlignForMe” system helps guide and prevent injuries to Yogis of all experience levels, maximising Yoga enjoyment.
    • TRULY PLANET FRIENDLY: Incorporates the most ‘body kind’ specially engineered eco-polyurethane and rubber. These mats are PVC free, biodegradable in 1-5 years in normal landfill conditions and made using high quality non-toxic materials that keep the mat clean and hygienic.
    • MADE BY YOGIS, FOR YOGIS: Yoga Mats are loved and adored by 100’s of 1000’s Worldwide. 


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