Adjustable Back Trainer


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    • IMPROVE POSTURE: Double strap back straightener provide more effective support to pull your muscles and spine back to original alignment for posture improvement. if you are sitting all day at work and office, wearing this posture brace will be a good solution to slouch, relieve neck or shoulder pain, and improve your spinal health. also keeping your posture straight boosts your confidence and makes you look more attractive.
    • COMFORTABLE & HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE: The Posture Corrector is made with durable, and high-quality fabric for long-lasting back support. And this back brace features 2 moveable shoulder pads, softer, and comfortable, under your armpits and won’t dig into your skin to ensure a high wearing comfort, so you do not have to rub your armpits while wearing it. The mesh design makes it comfortable and never feel muggy on your back. The elastic belts allow you to adjust it to your comfortable level.
    • DOUBLE SUPPORT, MORE EFFECTIVE: Our professional posture correction back brace have 2 removable bars on the back, which provide strong support for lower back and waist, and stabilize and support your shoulders, chest, and back. Posture corrector belt for 20-30 minutes a day, gradually wearing it for 1-2 hours and feel the difference. If you feel unwell, stop using it immediately.


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