AB Sling Abdominal Exercise Equipment


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    • Multipurpose Ab Workout Equipment: These Hanging Ab Straps help you build stronger, well-defined abdominals and obliques with more toned, tight core strength to keep the beach body you deserve.
    • Versatile Workout Routines: Hanging Ab Straps can be used for leg raises, reverse crunches, L-shaped planking, and other low-impact exercises to grind a six pack with improved consistency and efficiency.
    • Comfortable, Padded Support: Our Ab Straps are designed to cushion your elbow and arms to improve control and stability during lifts, raises, and other movements for better core strengthening.
    • Wide and Adjustable Length: Designed for bodybuilders, weightlifters, and CrossFit athletes. Our wider, more adjustable hanging straps suit men and women of all sizes and attach to any pull-up, chin up, or multi-gym bars.
    • Strong, Heavy-Duty Resilience: Crafted with moisture and sweat-resistant material, our gym straps are lightweight, durable, and come with premium D-ring carabiners to ensure they never let you down during a workout.


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