How Electric EMS foot massager help to Relieve Pain and Aches?

Feet are the foundation of our bodies and, therefore, must be cared for accordingly. One of the quickest and perhaps most beneficial ways to relieve the pain and relax is with a foot massage. Foot massage improves blood circulation, stimulates muscles, decreases stress, and frequently relieves pain.

If you are continually on your feet or working days, then recovery is an integral part of your routine. Through this simple and easy massager, you can treat your tired feet in the comfort of your own home. That’s where a foot massager actually proved useful, as it acts to help soothe and heal sore arches and knots.

Choosing the right foot massager for yourself involves Reading feedback, studying product features, and getting deep into the ins and outs of available attachments and modifications. With the perfect foot massager, after a long hard day, you can sit back and relax.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a treatment technique involving the transfer of electrical impulses to the body, allowing the muscles to contract. It assists in reducing swelling and inflammation and enhances your blood flow.

Features and Usage:

Electric EMS foot massager wireless feet muscle stimulator foot massage mat stimulates blood circulation relieves pain and aches.

The high-tech foot massager provides your soles and body with distinct treatment modes and intensity ranges. Use low-frequency pulse technology(EMS) for foot, ankle, Achilles tendon, and calf muscle massage to facilitate blood circulation and calm the feet by minimizing foot swelling.

Ten stages of adjustable intensity and 6 modes of vibration target the acupuncture points directly, alleviate pain easily, slow down physical and mental exhaustion, and boost sleep. This treatment lasts 15 minutes; when time is due, it is immediately turned off.

This smart EMS foot stimulator massager is specially built for sports lovers, elders, long-time sitting/standing staff (especially wearing high heels), offering great relaxation and relief for sore feet and legs.

They’re easy to clean. It is made of soft yoga mat material; after using it, the leather surface can be dried with a wet towel. It can be charged with a USB cable only.

It should not be used if you have:

Pacemakers or serious heart abnormalities
Metal implants or auxiliary electronic devices
Unusually high blood pressure
Epilepsy or females who are pregnant

Inclusive Kit

1x control machine
1 x foot Massager mat
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual for Users

Foot massager Benefits

Some of the amazing benefits relating to foot massage include:

Decreased anxiety and stress
Less discomfort and pain
Immediate relief
Efficient blood circulation
Strong immune system
Improved concentration
Improve lower back pain
Reduced swollen feet
Helps people with Plantar fasciitis


Do foot massagers actually work?

Yes! There are many proven advantages of foot massagers, including improving blood circulation, reducing swelling, and relieve foot pain.

Is it ideal for individuals with flat feet as well?

The arch is known as the shock absorber of the foot. It is highly probable that the tissue in your foot would deteriorate without the arch, resulting in foot pain. Using a foot massager can help to develop arches in your feet, along with routine foot exercises. Try it, and you will observe the tremendous results!

If I am suffering from back pain, are foot massagers suitable to use?

If you are suffering from back pain, it may also result from stress or soreness in other areas of the body, such as the feet or legs. Foot massagers can help, based on the severity and cause of the pain.Taking time to use a foot massager at the end of the day will alleviate those sore feet and, in turn, helps to relieve your back pain.


Thanks to technology and great thinkers. They have come up with innovative foot massagers that are also inexpensive and convenient. The greatest advantages of owning a foot massager are convenience and Ease of use!

In the comfort of your own home, you can use a foot massager while reading or watching TV. It’s also going to save you hundreds of dollars from frequent spa trips or massage therapist.


90s Fashion Trends

Every decade has standout style tendencies that end up pass-to looks, but patterns trade over time. 90s is a decade which has inspired fashion in recent years. It should be said that the 90s had been the first to combine fashion and popular culture in a way that still resonates in our locker rooms today.

        It's 2020, however 90s fashion trends are back again. There is an idea that fashion and popular culture operate on a “nostalgia pendulum”, in which what's old is new again every 20 to 30 years.

90s – The decade of all fantasies:

If the 90s continue to feed today’s fashion, it is because they are synonymous with freedom and stylistic audacity. Nineties fashion remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creators and is reinvented in our wardrobe with little touches or in total look. Eccentricity and carefreeness are the watchwords of the 90s. Wardrobes abandon wise looks in favor of destructuring and ostentatious outfits. The era is of contrasts and volumes: the X-shaped silhouettestands out with structured shoulders and wasp waist. In the same spirit, oversize jewelry and accessories reign supreme over most of the looks of the decade. The glitter is all the rage while the fluorescent electrifies the outfits. An eclectic fashion therefore, where everyone can find themselves and assert their personality in complete freedom.

Legendary icons of 90s:

Madonna, Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, Naomi Campbell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Winona Ryder, Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Moss, Courtney Love, Aliia Silverstone. The stars of the nineties embody innovation and style in all its forms. They initiate the trends of the decade and the years to come, an echo of the festive spirit of the time still inspire us today.

Flashback to 90s:

The grunge king and queen of Seattle, Kurt and Courtneyare arguably the most influential couple in 90s fashion. Courtney Love was famous for her ripped, sheer dresses, very dark looks, short dresses, and is the one who popularized the “kinderwhore”, a very popular clothing style in the 90s.

Winona Ryder- The “It-Girl” of the 90s is her. At the start of the decade, the actress embodied mythical roles, while her tomboy style quickly pointed out. Her boyish hair and black total-looks have become her signature.

In the early 90s, a young Londoner began her modeling career, without knowing that she would change the world of fashion forever. With her slim figure and androgynous allure,Kate Moss is the antithesis of the Supermodels of the 80s and 90s.

Drew Barrymore, style icon with her half-rebellious style, the American actress marked her era like no other celebrity. She drew stylistic ideas from the different societal movements of the time, notably the grunge which she adopted dark make-up and tattoos, or the hippie movement.

In 1994, Kim Gordonwas one of the coolest girls in all of New York, when she decided to launch her own fashion show. This is how she launched her X-Girl brand, by scrolling her creations through the streets of Manhattan. In the same year, Tom Fordbecame artistic director of the Gucci house, after having worked for several years as a stylist within the Italian house.

The face of Californian punk is Gwen Stefani. Her well drawn abs and her unusual style: Cargo pants, crop top, most original hairstyles, remains one of the most memorable styles of the decade.

What is 90s Fashion?

The 90s are a time when the total jeans look was king, where the jogging pants had become like a second skin and where the ultra-colorful embellishing logos adorned all the t-shirts. A bit of sportswear, but above all very cool. This decade has made a good time to register as the trend of this 2020 season and in terms of colors, a pop and flashy spirit has invaded the racks of your favorite brands. While the neon trend shines brightly on k-way windbreakers, the tie & dye print arises on small tops with uncovered shoulders. It’s not teenage girls who will tell you the opposite: checkered shirts, faded denim and frayed denim skirts, nineties fashion codes are coming to the streets.

90s Fashion and 2020:

You wore CK Oneby Calvin Klein, used a strawberry lip balm, fantasized about Johnny Depp (era 21 Jump Street) and Leonardo Di Capriowhile listening to the Fugees or Ace of Base and dreamed of looking like Cindy Crawford (or Naomi Campbell)? You made up your lips and your nails with black and your parents took you for a Gothic. So you have known the 90s.

90s Trends in 2020:

Suspender Skirts:

If there is a single product that best represents the 90’s, it must be a variety of suspenders, suspender skirts, and suspender vests. Romwe Women’s Straps A-line Corduroy Pinafore Bib Pocket Overall Dresshas Button closure, made up of 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon. It has Button-straps, Pocket frontMini Length, Side Zipper for Easy On and Off.Top of Form

Denim Suit:

Of course, there are also practical fabrics like denim. How loose the trousers of the 90’s are, they reflect a kind of minimalism. In the denim category, it’s impossible to ignore the overalls worn with a t-shirt.Anna-Kaci Womens Vintage Wash Straight Leg Denim Overalls with Pocket Bibis a classic denim overall. Medium weight cotton denim overalls featuring a washed and worn look with adjustable wide straps, center front flap pocket, and side and back pockets.The perfect overall to protect your clothes when doing handy projects at home. You can also use them for any casual outfit as a substitute for your everyday jeans.

Shiny Leggings:

The classic, glossy-finished metallic legging, still very much has its place in your 2020 wardrobe rotation. The HDE Womens Shiny Metallic Leggings Liquid Wet Look Bottoms – Regular Plus Sizes are completely opaque. Shiny wet look liquid fabric is stylish, comfortable, and durable .Skinny leggings are designed to make you look slimmer, feel more confident and stand out with bold, vibrant colors and the metallic sheen.

  1. Shiny Sequin Fabric:

The most representative fabrics of the 1990s are some shiny, even luminous fabrics, such as satin, sequins, gold and silver.Ben Textiles Glitz Sequin& Mesh Creative Gold Fabric By The Yard, is 52” wide. Fabric Type is 100% Polyester and is made in the USA or is imported.


The 90s was so famous for it’s earrings. Hoop-shaped earrings add attitude to the outfits. Hanpabum 6Pairs Large Bamboo Hoop Earrings for Women Geometric Earrings Hip-Pop Style Fashion Party Accessory, is the improvised version of hoop earrings of 1990s in 2020.The earrings are available in 6 different styles, like heart, star, triangle, circle, double circle, square hoops, and different styles for meeting different matching needs. 6pairs of bamboo earrings (6 styles), sufficient supplies for daily wearing and matching, made from quality alloy, durable and dust-proof. Great embellishment for attending weddings, festivalsand celebrations.


        Another throwback Nineties trend we love is that the return of lush, touchable fabric scrunchies like satin, silk and velvet. BANDIT 26 Pcs Scrunchies For Hair - 7 Different Styles - Silk Satin Hair Scrunchies Scarf - Bow Scrunchies for ladies and Girls, Big and little Sizes, Cute Patterns.Unlike inferior scrunchies,   premium pack of 26 hair scrunchies for ladies and girls are made up of the very best grade velvet and chiffon.

Pack includes:

Seven standard velvet scrunchies in a range of vibrant colors.
Five chiffon silk scrunchies in a choice of tasteful prints include a pearl and bow to elevate your outfit.
Four chiffon faux silk scrunchies for hair are available in plain colors also as prints and have a classic bow.
Ten satin scrunchies in plain and patterned print with an elegant bow.
  1. Boot:

A women’s boot that strikesthe perfect balance between femininityand the tough,The Dr. Martens Leona Boot is made with Vintage Smooth, a retro version of signature smooth leather with subtle grained effect and contrast base color.Built on the rebelliously comfortable Dr. Martens Airwair air-cushioned rubber sole. Platform height is 1.5″, and heel height is 2″.

  1. Sandal:

Like wedge sandals of 90s, Cambridge Select Women’s T-Strap Open Toe Buckled Ankle Studded Chunky Platform Wedge Sandal, serves the purpose of wedges of 2020. This wedge sandal structures an open toe, T-strap vamp, changeable buckles, and chunky, stacked platform sole and wedge heel.

Cartoon Printed Socks:

Officially Licensed Nickelodeon Product,Nickelodeon 90’s Cartoons All Over Print Sublimated Crew Socks ,contains82% Polyester 16% Cotton 2% Spandex.


True high quality windbreaker funny guy mugs like totally 80s & 90s retro neon windbreaker, are made of 100% durable nylon to maintain that true retro look & feel, not cheap sweaty polyester. It also features 2 convenient zippered pockets to keep your cassette tapes or other belongings secure, when you slip on this windbreaker you will feel the force of the 90’s throughout your entire body.


Binford Tools | Funny 90s TV Handyman Tool Humor Unisex T-Shirts, are a ringspun, they are soft and smooth with a high thread-count, tight knit made out of fuzzy plants grown by American farmers. These are mid-weight shirts – a bit lighter than your mass-market, thick gym class t-shirts, but substantial / not see-through. It’s a nice balance between comfort and durability. These are high quality inks – vibrant and durable, and highly crack resistant.They’re also CFC free and rated as carcinogen-free by the state of California.

  1. Hat/Cap:

Vintage 80s or 90s Design,Soft Crinkled Nylon MaterialFanny Pack hat 80s/90s Nylon Cap for Men & Women Zipper Pocket & AdjustableCan hold money, cards, keys, & personal small items.

In this article, we have encompassed information of fashion trends in 90s and related them with ongoing top-rated products in 2020. If you have found worth reading it, please share with your friends, family and on other social media.


Yoga Equipment Every Yoga Enthusiast Must Have

Yoga is a holistic practice that benefits both your mind and body. It has a lot of medical benefits. You can lose weight, increase your flexibility, and also have a sense of calmness.

The great thing about Yoga is that you do not need much to get started. You can simply start with just a mat and the right spirit. Advanced yogis prefer having some yoga equipment to make the most of their yoga sessions, though.

This article will give you a complete buyer’s guide and an in-depth review of the 16 best yoga equipment in the market. You can use these to elevate your yoga sessions even further.

Let us start by asking, do you even need any equipment to start yoga?
Are Yoga Equipment Required to Do Proper Yoga?

Historically, yogis did not have access to all the modern equipment and technologies we have today. All they needed was the mind, body, and the right spirit. However, with the advancement of technologies, yogis now benefit from many yoga equipment.

These pieces of equipment will help you increase the effectiveness of your sessions. Some types of equipment are great for beginners in particular. Many people who have never done yoga may find certain poses difficult. That is not a worry, though, with the right equipment. There is certainly no reason to put your body through unnecessary strain. Yoga is meant to be calming and beneficial.

While it is very true that yoga can be intense (this is where the weight loss part comes in), it can also be a joyous experience.

Here are 16 of the best yoga equipment from TnySports for both beginners and experts:

  1. PROCIRCLE Adjustable Muscle Massage Stick

Product Description: If you have built up tension in your muscles, yoga is the perfect way to relieve it. You can use this high-quality muscle massage stick to go deep into the muscles for relief.

It helps you alleviate sore muscles, muscle pain, and more. It is adjustable too. So, no matter where your pain might be, you can target the exact spots. We love the ease of use as well. There are no unnecessary complex mechanisms. It is a simple yet effective stick that gets the job done without any hassle.

Design and Quality: Design-wise, the simplicity keeps it from looking tacky. You can adjust the roller to fit the spot. For someone looking for a little splash of color in their yoga equipment, you can rejoice with this one. This muscle roller comes in three colors – black, pink, and blue.

Take it with you to a studio or use it at home – the choice is yours. The price isn’t that much either. For a muscle massage roller of this quality, this is a great deal.


Adjustable and flexible
High-quality materials
Relieves muscle pain and soreness
Comes in different colors
  1. Electric Vibrating Massage Ball

Product Description: This electric massage ball does exactly what it says. The vibration massages your muscles, which can help you relax after a long stressful day.

Yoga, in general, is very good for stress management. But if you want to target specific muscles, a massage ball is very handy. One of the best things about it is that you do not need to visit a masseuse all that often anymore.

The vibrations from this product are precise and tight. We tested all the four levels of intensity you get with this one. Each level of intensity had a distinct feeling to it. It actually does work. The small form factor allows you to target specific spots as well.

It is great for calf, neck, and foot massage. You can even use it for breast massage if you are experiencing any soreness in the chest area.

Design and Quality: The design of this ball is quite sleek. Have one look at it, and you’ll see that the quality is apparent. The materials used are comfortable. Also, when against the body, it does not feel irritable either. And, of course, you get color options. There are four colors to choose from – pink, red, blue, and classic black.


Small and portable
4 levels of intensity
Helps you relax your muscles
Made from high-quality non-irritable material
  1. SPZ Magnetic Back Massage and Posture Corrector

Product Description: A lot of us have to sit in front of a computer for hours and hours. That is certainly not good for your back. And having bad posture can give you chronic back pain.

Being hunched in front of the computer for hours is not medically recommended. If you were not aware, your back has a natural curve. This product can restore the correct natural curvature of your back.

There is more! It can also help you deal with chronic pain. Many people suffer from this whether it is from sitting at a desk or having back posture. But there is something you can do about it.

Yoga helps with your posture and also helps you be more flexible. You can also reduce some back pain with a back massage and a posture corrector.

This particular posture corrector has four height adjustment settings, so you can adjust it to just the height you want.

Design and Quality: The quality of this posture corrector is absolutely rock solid. The composite material used is very strong and can support anyone with ease. During our testing, we did not see any form of deformation either.

Once you set a specific height, it stays locked in place. This eliminates any chance of accidents or injuries.


Helps restore the natural curvature of your spine
Helps with chronic back pain
Solid construction
Adjustable height
  1. EVA Pilates and Yoga Block

Product Description: Many beginner yogis, when they first start, face problems with flexibility. Some of the poses can be difficult for them. That is actually quite common and expected.

You can get a yoga block to help you hold the positions better. A yoga block helps you by bringing the ground closer to you. It also gives you a solid surface to rest on.

Many poses like the bridge pose or the revolved triangle pose can be easier to do with a yoga block. And this EVA yoga block is one of the best ones out there. You can use it to do either Pilates or yoga.

It has a non-slip surface, meaning that it stays firm on the ground. So, you do not run the risk of slipping and accidentally hurting yourself. The size is convenient too. It measures 9.45 x 6.5 x 3.54 inches – not too small nor too big. It is the perfect size for use at home or a studio. If you need some additional support with some poses, this yoga blog is a no brainer.

Design and Quality: Buyers will certainly be happy with the quality of the material and construction. It is made of EVA, so it can hold its shape when you put your full body weight on it. Honestly, the construction and quality of the block instill confidence.

It comes with one single beige color, which we quite like. If you found any yoga poses difficult to do, this block can now help.


EVA foam construction
Helps you balance yourself during yoga poses
Non-bending and solid construction
  1. Loogdeel Flexibility Stretching Strap

Product Description: A stretching strap can help you stretch and increase your body’s range of motion. Stretching is very important for your health. It can help you keep muscles strong and flexible. Also, when you stretch, you also increase your range of motion and strength.

Without stretching, you run the risk of tightening your muscles. This can be harmful and cause damage in some situations. And if you are looking for a high-quality stretching strap, this is the one to get.

You can use it in multiple ways. Whether you are a gymnast, yogi, or ballet dancer, this can be great for you. It can help you do wider stretches and increase muscle flexibility.

Design and Quality: The quality of the strap is top-notch. The elastic band did not show any sign of excess tension. We are quite confident that it will last you for a long time. Overall, the material quality is fantastic.

Design-wise, you get a couple of colors. You can pick from black, beige, blue, brown, gold, and pink. So, no matter what your style is, there is a strap for you.


Helps you stay flexible
Helps with stretching and provides you with a better range of motion
Lots of color option
Made from very high-quality materials
  1. LOOGDEEL Acupressure Mat

Product Description: We cannot round up the best yoga equipment and not talk about this acupressure mat from LOOGDEEL. Yoga and acupressure therapy can be used in conjunction to relieve stress.

There are a myriad of other benefits to acupressure therapy. For example, it stimulates the body’s circulatory, hormonal, and lymphatic systems. If you have been having sleep problems, you can use this mat to improve your sleeping patterns.

Acupressure even helps with muscle pain and relaxing the joints. This product can help you achieve all that with a soft and well-designed cushion.

It is portable too. When you are not using it, you can roll it up and put it away. This makes it perfect for carrying it to a yoga studio or an acupressure session. You can chuck it in your bag when you are done.

There are small spikes places to help you relieve stress and improve circulation as well. These make it comfortable too. You are not just limited to using it just as a mat either. When rolled up, it makes for the perfect foot massager – it is quite the versatile tool.

Design and Quality: The comfort of the mat comes from the small spikes. When you lay down, these spikes make contact with pressure points on your body to help you relieve stress.

The build is great. The mat measures 15mm thick, which is plenty for a comfortable acupressure session. We loved the keen attention to detail too. The stitches were of high-quality, and the material held up perfectly.


Helps relieve stress and improve the body's circulation
Great quality build
Available in a lot of colors
Can be easily rolled up when not in use
  1. Yoga Knee Pad for Cushion and Support

Product Description: If you want to make your yoga sessions more comfortable, you can use knee pads for support. They provide some much-needed cushioning for joints and your knees.

When doing yoga, you are bound to hold certain positions for a couple of seconds or even minutes. That can put a strain on your knees, especially poses that rely on you trying to balance on your knees and chin.

A knee pad like this might just be the perfect thing for you in that case. There is an indent that keeps your knees firm on the ground and helps with stability too.

You can get more creative with it as well. You can use it to aid in other positions and support other body parts. It can support your shoulders and elbows just as good.

Design and Quality: Durable and designed for comfort – these are two ways we would describe the quality of this pad. As always, you get some color options too, albeit a bit limited. You can pick from a salmon-like pink colored one and a muted blue one. Both look very good and should fit in nicely with your other yoga equipment.


Provide cushioning to knees and joints
Durable build
Comes in two colors
  1. Joint Stretcher and Tendon Rehabilitation Rope

Product Description: This is another Mix&equipment product. This rope helps you with tendon rehabilitation and leg joint stretching instead, though.

Most people are well aware of yoga’s relaxing and weight loss benefits. However, yoga can even be used as a form of rehabilitation. That is where this rope comes in. If you suffered any accidents or damaged tendons, you can use yoga to regain strength and get back to your original health.

This rope fits snugly on your foot and allows you to stretch as a form of therapy for sore muscle and weak tendons. Do keep in mind, though, that it is best if you use this with aid from a professional yoga instructor.

Once you get some pointers and get the hang of it, you can use it yourself. It is easy to use and gives you an all-around great fit. One thing we quite like is how firmly it sits on your foot.

There are Velcro straps that help keep it in place. Then you use the straps to gently pull and stretch your ankles and exercise your tendons.

Design and Quality: We are never disappointed with Mix&equipment’s quality and design. This stretcher, fortunately, is just as premium and well-made as the others from the brand. The material is very comfortable to use. The stitching and overall build quality are solid. It comes in two colors too – a beige and a black one.


Ideal for rehabilitation training
Easy to use and comfortable
High-quality materials
  1. 5-piece Yoga Set

Product Description: This 5-piece set is great for any beginner in yoga. When you are just starting, you can have an effective session with a couple of yoga equipment.

You mainly need a yoga mat, exercise ball, and maybe a tension rope for some resistance training. As you get more into the advanced techniques, you can look into other equipment.

This set comes with all the essentials you may need to start your yoga journey. In the set, you get a high-quality yoga mat – especially for some grip and comfort.

The mat allows them to hold positions safely. There is also a tension rope. You can use the rope for some resistance training for your arms and legs. Another great addition is the stress ball. It is elastic, which makes it great for relieving stress and fatigue.

All in all, we quite like this full-feature set. It is recommended to any beginner or even to those who just want to revamp their yoga set.

Design and Quality: The design is great. It is minimal, and everything just works well together. The quality held up well during our testing. The mat was comfortable, and the resistant band was strong. You can also choose from three colors – purple, blue, and pink.


Full-featured 5-piece set
High-quality components
Perfect for the beginner
Three color options
  1. THANKSLEE Yoga Column Roller

Product Description: A yoga column roller can deliver the same benefits as a block and more. It can help with your muscle and back pain. To help you with backaches, put the rollers on the floor and roll from side to side. This should help alleviate some pain.

If you want to further increase your range of motion, you can use a roller in along with stretching. This roller from THANKSLEE is one of the best ones that you can get in the market. It is perfectly comfortable and is just the right size.

Design and Quality: The quality of the roller is second to none. We tested quite a few rollers in the market and picked this one from THANKLEE. The build is of high quality, and the design is classy.

This roller goes for a muted and understated look. That makes it perfect for use in a studio setting or at home.


A great addition to your yoga equipment
Helps with muscle and back pain
Increases range of motion
Available in multiple colors
Classy and minimal design
  1. Jusenda 6-mm Suede Yoga Mat

Product Description: A yoga mat is an essential piece of equipment for any yoga enthusiast. Yoga mats help you in terms of grip. It also makes yoga sessions comfortable. Thanks to the 6-mm thickness of this mat, this one is comfortable to use too.

The non-slip characteristics give you a much-needed grip when doing advanced poses. Even if you are a beginner, you will need a yoga mat. And this is one of the best ones out there.

Design and Quality: Jusenda’s yoga mat is as well-made as it is gorgeous to look at. We love the designs you can get this in. There are a few pattern options too.

As for the quality, the material is thick and comfortable. The stitching did not show any sign of fraying. All in all, this one is quite up there in our best yoga equipment roundup.


Very comfortable to use
The non-slip mat provides excellent grip
High quality with fun designs
Lots of pattern options
  1. ABS Twisting Balance Board

Product Description: For trainers who want a solid core strength, a balance board is irreplaceable. This board is made from ABS and helps you train your core muscle. It can increase your stability too.

The board can be used in a variety of exercises. The limit is only your imagination.

We liked the material too. As mentioned, it is made from ABS. The board did not feel irritable to the skin and was fairly comfortable for the most part. One small gripe, though, is that some of our testers would have liked the board to be bigger. But that is a very minor issue.

Design and Quality: The quality was solid. The plastic construction did not show any sign of bending or deformation. The color options are also quite nice. You can choose from three colors – green, blue, and salmon pink.


Helps train core muscle
Can increase body balance
Good construction
Color variants available
  1. 60/45CM FOAM ROLLER

Product Description: If you want a step up from our previous roller, you can go for this one. You can get this in two sizes. There is a 60cm variant and also a 45cm variant.

The foam was firm and overall very comfortable to use. We mentioned how beneficial a roller can be for pain relief. All that applies to this one as well. You can even give yourself a back massage with this.

Whether you are doing Pilates or yoga, this roller will come in handy. There are multiple bumps on the roller that can give your muscles a deep massage – perfect for muscle tissue stimulation.

Design and Quality: The design of this one is quite bold. Unlike the previous roller, this one has a pattern design variant. If you prefer solid colors, you are covered as well.

Choose from either orange or a stealthy black. The quality was nothing short of fantastic. The foam, as mentioned, was firm and sturdy, and the overall quality of the roller was stellar.


Great quality foam roller
Color and design options
Small bumps help massage muscle and relieve back pain
  1. U-shape Trigger Point and Massage Roller

Product Description: This multifunctional yoga equipment is one of the most versatile ones we have seen so far. It is great for massaging sore muscle spots. You can use it to massage your neck, arms, or legs.

Plus, it is easy to use as well. There are ergonomic handles you can hold on to. It provides you with a solid grip and gives you a sense of confidence.

The small rollers have tiny bumps. These bumps go deep into the muscle and relieve any stress and pain. This U-shape roller is one of the most well-made and versatile rollers around.

Design and Quality: The design is very intuitive. The U-shape design makes it easy and ergonomic to hold. The materials used are PP and high-grade EVA. Both combined make for a solid experience.

The design is also understated with a splash of color. The handles on all variants are black. You can pick from color options for the rollers, though.


Ergonomic and easy to use
Help provide muscle soreness and pain relief
Solid build quality with color options
  1. WORPRO Long Fitness Suit

Product Description: Your wardrobe is equally as important as your yoga equipment and gear. You need something that will help increase your range of motion and be comfortable at the same time.

You do not want to be wearing something overly bulky that restricts movement. This 2-piece fitness suit is the perfect combination of utility, style, and comfort. No one ever said that fitness suits cannot have style!

Made from nylon, the fabric is comfortable to wear. The fit is fantastic, and you can get it in different sizes. Choose from S, M, L, or XL – the choice is yours.

Design and Quality: The design of the suit impressed us from the get-go. The material quality and stitching were all top-notch. You get the most color options with this one, as expected.


Stylish 2-piece suit
High-quality nylon material
Great design
Lots of color options
  1. EXERCISER Toning Arm

Product Description: This arm is great if you want toned arms and thighs. You can do yoga and increase your flexibility and strength as well as lose weight. While you are at it, this toning arm can be used to target specific areas of your body.

It is portable and features a compact design. So, storage won’t be an issue. It is versatile too! You can use it to train your arms, legs, waist, and hips. The springs have strong tension – it is perfect for resistance training.

Overall, it is multifunctional and will add a lot of value to your yoga regimen.

Design and Quality: The quality of this training arm is fantastic. It is made from high-grade durable materials. We did not see any defects during our testing. Plus, it is fairly lightweight and comfortable to use too.

The design is nothing to be excited about, though. It comes with a simple design with a single-color finish although that did not bother us much. All in all, this training arm is a fantastic addition to any yoga equipment collection.


Versatile tool – helps tone your arms, waists, thighs, hips, and more
Durable and lightweight construction
Resistant band and towel included

How Can You Get Started Doing Yoga?

If you are wondering what equipment you might need to get started, it’s not a lot frankly. If you want a basic starter set, a mat, block, towel and a strap are enough.

There are a lot of online classes you can follow along when doing yoga although it is best to join a studio class. This is especially helpful if you do not have any previous yoga experience.

A yoga instructor can guide you through the process. Without proper guidance, you run the risk of injuring yourself. Over time as you get better and have more experience, you can be more self-sufficient.

Starting yoga is not that hard at the end of the day. What you need is the right spirit and place to perform yoga. If you can manage to do it with friends or family, that is also great. They can act as a support network and help you stay motivated.
1.How many times per week should I do yoga?
Ans. Even practicing for a couple of hours per week consistently will provide great benefits. If you are a beginner, you can practice at least twice or thrice a week.

2.Do I need to be flexible to do yoga properly?
Ans. Absolute! You do not need to start off being flexible to do yoga. As you practice more, you will eventually be more flexible.

3.Should I avoid heavy foods before a yoga session?
Ans. It is advisable not to have a full stomach when doing yoga. You can try light snacking if you get hungry.

Yoga is a fantastic exercise that, when done properly, has a lot of benefits. Hopefully, some of the yoga equipment we reviewed will come in handy for you. Pick the one that fits your needs, and you are good to go!


A Complete Fitness Machines Buyer’s Guide

The great thing about fitness is you can do it anywhere. If you do not want a gym membership you probably will never use but still want to work out, a home gym is a great option to go for.

There is quite a lot of fitness equipment you can buy to create a full-fledged gym right at your home too. And this buyer’s guide will tell you everything you need to know about buying fitness machines.

Whether you are revamping your home gym or looking to buy equipment for a new gym, this is the place to be. We will look at some of the major categories of fitness equipment. There are also some product reviews to help you pick the right ones. So, let us get started!
Stationary Bike Buyer’s Guide

Stationary bikes are great if you want to get a bike workout done without leaving the house. Let us be honest: as great as the outside can be, there are sometimes when you would rather just stay inside.

Maybe it is raining, or the weather is not looking too good. What do you do? Not work out? Of course not. If you have a stationary bike, you can ride a bike and stay at home.

Stationary bikes thus make a fantastic addition to any home gym. They are also one of the must-have fitness machines in a gym. So, what are the things you need to consider when trying to buy a stationary bike?
The Type

There are two types of stationary bikes you can get: a standard stationary bike and a spin stationary bike. If you want to get the feel of riding a real bike, getting a spin stationary bike is the way to go.

They provide excellent variable resistance training. They are perfect for cardio and improving your metabolism.

Standard stationary bikes are not bad either. But if you want the best – a spin stationary bike is preferable.
Resistance Level

Depending on the model of the bike, the resistance will vary. Most stationary bikes will give you some level of control over the resistance. You can either reduce it or increase it.

However, the way they do it is different. Magnetic resistance control is available in most bikes. They offer a smooth riding experience.

You can also find ones where you need to change the resistance manually. Although these can be cheaper, they can be a hassle to use.

High-end models offer electronic resistance. These are the most convenient to use. You can change the level of resistance on the fly. That means, while you are riding, you do not need to interrupt your ride to change the resistance level.

The comfort will mostly depend on the seating of the bike. There are two different seating styles.

Traditionally, stationary bikes have had an upright seating position. This offers the most familiarity with normal bikes. A more recent addition to the seating style is the recumbent style.

Recumbent stationary bikes tend to have more back support, and some find that these are more comfortable to ride as well. This will depend on the type of style you want, though. Pick the one you are comfortable with.

Comfort is important when it comes to a stationary bike. You do not want to ride on for hours sitting on a very uncomfortable stationary bike.
Screens and Heart Monitors

Many stationary bikes nowadays come with HD screens and even heart rate monitors. If you want something a little advanced with a splash of tech, you can go with this type.

However, even if you are not too fond of the extra tech and want a vanilla experience, we do recommend buying a stationary bike with a screen and a heart rate monitor. The accuracy of these monitors is pretty good. Besides, it is always a plus to have some form of data about your heart rate when you are exercising.

Screens come in handy as well. You can use it to follow a training video. Some even come with their own content as well.
Control Panels

When shopping for a resistance bike, you can easily find many bikes that offer a ton of functionality on their control panels. There are preloaded workouts, metrics for calories burnt, and more.

While these are nice to have, they can be expensive. So, evaluate your needs carefully. If you think it will be helpful to have those displayed on your stationary bike, go for it.
Elliptical Machines Buyer’s Guide

Elliptical machines are another popular fitness machine you can get. They can be used for both a home gym and a professional one.

Many people who want to buy an elliptical machine do so for low impact workout. You can mimic the motion of running or walking with elliptical machines. But you have lowered constant impact on your feet and joints.

This can be healthy for your bones. They are actually great for cardio regimens. If you want a solid and effective upper body or lower body workout, elliptical machines are quite good for it.

Here is what to look out for when buying an elliptical machine:

The first thing to look out for is the stride of the machine. The taller you are, the longer stride you want to have. Shorter stride elliptical machines can be uncomfortable for tall people. They can end up restricting your range of motion.

However, if you are on the shorter side, you can go with a shorter stride and pedal size. The usual stride is usually 17 inches – this works for most people. But if you feel that this might be too short for you, it is worth double-checking the stride length.

Pedal sizes are also a consideration alongside the stride. Try looking for slightly oversized pedals. This makes it accessible and comfortable for anyone who wants to use the machine.
Resistance Setting

You will find elliptical machines that have either manual and automatic resistance. We recommend going with an automatic resistance model. These machines are easier to work out on and, frankly, more convenient.

The resistance can increase or decrease the intensity of your workout. You are sure to change the resistance often depending on the type of workout you want to do. And you can do so while you are using it, meaning that you do not have to interrupt your workout. Automatic resistance levels are better for most people when it comes to ellipticals.

The incline is also an important factor to consider although this is more important for treadmills (more on that a bit later). Incline adjustments also make it easier to change how intense of a workout you want.

There are manual incline change options and also electrical ones. As you can tell, an electrical incline option is the best. The electrical incline helps you easily change the level of incline on the fly. It is convenient and faster overall.
Type of Body Workout

Ellipticals are some of the fitness machines that can provide both upper and lower body workout at the same time. Not all ellipticals have this feature, though. If you want an upper body workout as well as the lower body, you need to buy one that offers both.

These, of course, do cost more. You get the two-in-one benefit and a more complete workout session for the price.
Touch Screens

Some models have HD touch screens. You can watch training videos on these while you are working out. They even have stats about your workout like calories burnt and more. If that is something you care about, you should get one with a touch screen display.
Heart Rate Sensors

Ellipticals measure your heart rate through grip pulse sensors. They can offer you real-time monitoring of your heart rate. You can use this information to adjust your workouts as you go. This is actually a very cool and convenient feature to have. So, we most definitely recommend going with an elliptical machine that has a grip pulse heart rate sensor.
Material Quality and Build

Not all ellipticals are made the same. They have a lot of moving parts. So, if your elliptical does not have a good build quality, they might not last that long.

Fitness machines are an investment. You want them to last a long time and provide value all throughout its life cycle. So, make sure that you check the build quality and overall sturdiness of the machines you buy.
Home Gym Buyer’s Guide

Home gyms offer a more holistic workout setting. They are great if you want a gym experience right at your home. Because of their size, they are not right for everyone, though. Here are some things you need to look into:

With home gyms, you can have more than one station. This can allow one or more people to work out simultaneously. Depending on what type of setup you want and the space available, you can get 1, 2, or even 3 stations.

Home gyms can provide a different number of exercises. This is pretty easy to find and will most likely be on the description of the equipment as well. Check to see if the one you want to buy offers the exercises you want to do.

Most of them do have the most common exercises covered. So, there really isn’t much worry in this regard. Some may offer many more exercises than others but end up costing more. It is up to you to decide if you need the exercise options or not.
Treadmill Buyer’s Guide

Treadmills are the most common home gym equipment. They are some of the most used fitness machines in any gym as well. They can provide a great cardio workout. This is what makes them popular.

You can run miles without even having to leave your spot. This is why it is convenient and effective. If you like running and want to do it indoors, treadmills are a must. They can make your home gym set up complete.

Here is what to look for in a treadmill if you are buying a new one:
Type of Treadmill

There are quite a few types of treadmills. You have your standard treadmill. Then there are folding treadmills.

Folding treadmills are great since they can be stored away when you are not using them. They easily fold up without much hassle. Some people are under the notion that folding treadmills are not as well-built. That is a complete myth, though. A good folding treadmill will be just as well-built as a traditional treadmill.

There are also desk treadmills. If you are working from home or want to work while you run, you can get these. They offer a small workplace right at the front. You can put your laptop and other things on the desk and work away while you are walking – it is quite the nifty little concept if you ask us
Speed and Incline

Speed and incline are two of the most important factors in a treadmill. They can either make or break a treadmill’s performance. There are a lot of options you can go for here.

When it comes to speeds, it will depend on your performance. Do you want an intense running routine? What are your goals? Many treadmills can provide speeds up to 10mph. However, that might not be enough for the more serious runner. If you want more speed, you should buy one which offers a higher max speed – since you cannot change it later on.

So, depending on your ability, your goals, and your commitment to running, speed is very important for a treadmill.

There are some defining features you might also want to keep in mind. Some of the more advanced treadmills offer one-button speed adjustments on the fly. This makes it so much easier and more convenient to use.

You can change the speed easily with a single button push. This way, you can quickly and easily increase the speed of your runs.

The incline is another thing to look into. High inclines can help you increase the intensity of your workout. Some treadmills offer up to 15% incline. But most treadmills will offer up to 12% incline.

It depends on the type of intensity you want. Try to get a treadmill with button incline adjustment. With button adjustments, you can just press a button and increase or decrease the incline.

Some treadmills have manual button incline adjustment options. These are frankly a hassle to use. That’s because you need to get off the treadmill and manually adjust it. They do cost less, though. So, if you are on a tight budget, these can be a great option.

After incline and speed, the thing you need to look out for is the motor of the treadmill. The motor is quite important since it is the component that is providing the power to keep things running – no pun intended.

When buying treadmills, a good quality treadmill should have a continuous power rating. That is the rating that matters. The continuous power rating is essentially the effective power rating of the motor.

Many motors will only advertise peak power. This can easily mislead some people. Peak power rating is the power the motor can produce in ideal conditions, which is not really helpful to you as a buyer.

A continuous power rating of above 1.5 HP is recommended. You can find many treadmills with more horsepower. Be keen to check if it is a peak or continuous rating.
Belt Size

Treadmills come in different belt sizes. This is an important thing to consider if you are tall. You want to make sure that the belt is long enough for your longest strides.

Shorter belt sizes might cause you to step off the machine. This can be quite dangerous, especially if you are running at full speed.

For comfort, we also advise looking into the width. The wider the treadmill’s belt and deck, the more comfortable it will be to run on. Of course, you do not want it to exceed the size of your workout area.
Shock Absorption Features

Shock absorption is a very important feature for your long-term health. When you are running or walking, it puts a certain amount of impact on your knees and ankle joints. During running, the impact is greater.

So, it’s important that you shop for a treadmill that has a decent shock absorption feature to protect your ankles and knee in the long run. Many treadmills will have this feature built right into the belt.

The belt can be made from shock-absorbing material that provides some level of cushioning.

Others have cushioning built under the belt. Be mindful, though – not all treadmills have the same quality of shock absorption. You should read some user reviews on the treadmill you want to buy.

Treadmills can be quite large. If you are buying one for home use, it is advisable to make sure that you have enough room for a treadmill. You can measure your workout space to know exactly how much area you have to work with.

Almost all treadmills will have their dimensions listed. You can then check these to see if the specific treadmill will fit or not. The last thing you want is to buy a treadmill only to find out that it does not fit in your workout area.

If you cannot find any information about the size online, you can try contacting the manufacturer.

All treadmills will have some form of handrail for you to hold on to when running. They usually come in different types. Which one you go for is up to you as it is a matter of personal preference.

Neither one of them objectively provide any benefit over the other. You can get a treadmill that may have handlebars to hold on to or side rails. Both of these are equally effective.

Who ever said running on a treadmill has to be boring? You can find high-end treadmills with HD touch screen displays. These screens, just like other fitness machines with screens, can be used to watch training videos and more.

They even display key workout metrics as distance, calories burnt, and more. If you want a high-tech experience, a treadmill with a digital screen is a great option to go for.
Heart Rate Monitors

When you are running – or doing any form of cardio for that matter – it can increase your heart rate. Buying a treadmill with heart rate monitors is good for real-time tracking of your heart rate. You can then adjust your workout as you go.

Treadmills that offer chest straps are the most precise. But they also cost more. Other alternatives are thumb sensors. These are less accurate but do come at a lower price.
6 Cool Fitness Machines

Here are 6 cool fitness machines you can buy. All of these have great functionalities and provide some kind of benefit that is worth checking out!

  1. Foreverlily 3D Electric Massager

Product Description: This portable massager is great for targeting a specific muscle. You can use it to relieve some soreness or muscle pain on the fly.

We quite love how small it is. You can use it with a single hand, which makes it quite ergonomic to hold. The vibration produced is tight and firm. You can target specific areas, thanks to its compact size.

You can massage your neck, hips, thighs, legs, arms, or even feet. It goes deep into the muscle and works like a charm really.

Design and Quality: The build quality of it is quite impressive. For how small it is, it is surprisingly well-made. The design is minimal, though. No crazy gimmicks are going on here. And we like it that way. You can get it in different colors too!


Very durable design.
Portable and easy to carry.
Ergonomic and can be used with one hand.
Great for muscle pain and soreness relief. 
  1. NEWLLEXX Electric EMS Foot Massager

Product Description: There is nothing as relaxing as sitting down after a stressful day and getting a foot massage. However, not everyone can go to a spa every time they want a foot massage. That is where this product comes in.

This electric foot massager from NEWLLEXX gives you a relaxing massage right in the comfort of your own home. If you have been having slight pain or aching in your feet, this massager should help. It is also great for improving blood circulation.

Design and Quality: The quality of the massager is very sturdy and durable. It is made from a composite material that was comfortable to use.

The design is minimal and understated. We quite like the toned look of the massager. You can get it in two colors too – ivory and black.


Relieves pain and aches
Improve blood circulation
Well designed and durable
  1. SPZ 8000R Massage Gun

Product Description: SPZ has been one of the most consistent brands we tested. All of their fitness machines are of high quality and very durable. They offer exactly what they are advertised to. This massage gun from SPZ is no different.

You can use it to deep massage arms, thighs, backs, or necks. It is portable, and the handle also makes it easy to use. With proper massaging, you can relieve some aching and muscle soreness on targeted spots. There are four different head attachments too. You can choose what type of massage you want.

All in all, this is one of the better massage guns out there.

Design and Quality: The design of this massage gun is very stylish. Starting right from the box, it impressed us with its construction. It is made from a composite material. But the build quality held up pretty well during our testing. We are confident that this will last you a long time.

The design is modern and chic. You will find smooth curves and bold hard edges. Coupled with the different color options, this is quite a stylish massage gun.


Goes deep in muscle and massages.
Helps relieve soreness and pain.
4 different head attachments.
Good sharp design.
Durable construction.
Color options. 
  1. SPZ 4000R Massage Gun

Product Description: If you want a low intensity massage gun, you can go with this one. While our previous one offers 8000R/minute, this one offers 4000R/minute. It has all the features that made our previous massage such a stand out. We might just say we like the design of this one slightly better.

It has a 3-gear system. You can use it to treat any pain or soreness you might feel. During our testing, it worked fantastically. The vibrations are quick and tight. If you need to be quiet during the massages, get this model. There is also a 26000mAH battery. This is plenty of juice for a massage gun.

The shape of the gun also makes it super easy to target specific areas of the body as well. All in all, this is a pretty great muscle massage gun.

Design and Quality: The designs of the 4000R and 8000R models are quite similar. The 4000R is rounder, though. Some might prefer a rounder design. Compared to the 8000R model, it is slightly more comfortable to hold. But that is a personal preference.

The design might be different, but the quality is the same. This massage gun has the same SPZ quality we expected. It is well built, and the material feels premium. And you can easily tell how premium the build is when you pick it up.


Comfortable design
Low noise motor
Relieves pain and aching
Comes in different color options 
  1. Yosyo Neck Massager

Product Description: Yosyo’s neck massager is a high-tech piece of equipment. The precise and relaxing vibrations give you a relaxing massage. The fit is also great. It sits snug around your neck, and you can use it anytime anywhere. Thanks to its small and compact size, packing it easy too.

It is a wireless massager that charges with a USB cable. It is made from a breathable material, which is comfortable to wear. So, you should not have much problem wearing it for long periods of time.

Design and Quality: The design is quite good too. It looks futuristic and high-tech. It isn’t all just for show either. The quality and build are superb as well. All in all, this is one of the most useful fitness machines you can buy.


Durable and well designed
Provides relaxing neck massage
Easy to use 
  1. Electric Massage Ball

Product Description: This electric massage ball is quite a fun little device. It massages your muscles and helps you relax after a long stressful day.

The vibrations were tight and precise. There are four levels of intensity as well. Each level of intensity is distinguishable and gives you a different experience. You can choose the level of vibration based on the intensity of the massage you want.

The great thing about this product is the portability. It is small and fits in one hand, which makes it perfect for massaging targeted areas like thighs, shoulders, or neck. It is even great for rotator cuff and foot massage.

Design and Quality: The design is quite sleek. The materials used in it make it comfortable to use. It has small bumps all over it. Those were a great design touch as they go deep into the muscle. You can, of course, choose from different colors as well – pink, red, blue, and classic black.


Small and compact
Very high-quality materials
Comfortable and portable
Helps with muscle pain and soreness
Loads of color options 


Fitness machines are great for helping you achieve the workout results you want. Keep in mind, though – having the right machine is not enough. To achieve your health goals, you need to be consistent and follow proper guidelines.

If you can work with a trainer, that is even better. At the very least, having a friend to work out with is great too. No matter who you work out with, make sure to follow the proper form and the best practices.


Complete Gym and Fitness Clothing Buyers Guide

The best kind of athletic and fitness wear are supposed to not only serve the purpose of helping you exercise but also look stylish. If you are a fitness enthusiast, chances are that you have quite a collection of fitness clothing.

Whether you are boxing, lifting weight, or doing yoga, your apparel is important. It is just as important as the gear you use. That is why we wrote this complete gym and fitness clothing buyers guide for you.

We will tell you what you need to wear for different sports and how it helps you. To make things even interesting for you, we even included product reviews to help you pick out what you need right away.

So, let us get started!
10 Must-Have Items for the Gym

Before we go into the product guide and reviews, let’s go through some of the must-have items that you need if you are into health and fitness.

We included gym and fitness clothing, gadgets, and also bags for a complete set.
Technical Shirt

A technical shirt will keep you comfortable. Whether you are out for a run or a hike, a technical shirt is a must have. Most technical shirts are made from sweat-wicking materials also. Get one that fits you, though. Otherwise, you might experience uncomfortable chafing.
Sports Bra

A sports bra is very important for support and overall comfortability. It prevents injuries and discomfort too.
A Good Pair of Shoes

A good pair of athletic shoes is an important crucial addition to your fitness wardrobe. Well fitted shoes should be snug to your feet and provide ample support while running. Make sure the material is high-quality and durable too since gym shoes can end up taking a beating.
Fitness Trackers

Invest in a fitness tracker. If you are sincere about your workouts, trackers let you check your calories and workouts. You can use this data to optimize your routine.

You can find a lot of high-quality gym leggings. We also sell some of the best gym leggings for women, but more on that a bit later.

Gym leggings are important because it fits tightly to your lower body. That means that you do not have to worry about pulling your shorts up all the time. You can focus on the workout itself. There are many types of gym leggings too, some with adjustable waistbands.

During long training sessions, blisters can become a problem. To avoid any unnecessary injury, wear good quality training socks. Besides, they give you extra cushioning too. It is a win-win.
Water Bottle

This might be a minor thing to some, but do carry a water bottle. You will be sweating a lot. Keep yourself hydrated by grabbing a water bottle with you when you are off to the gym.
A Gym Bag

Lastly, get a gym bag. It does not help your workouts in any direct way, but it is convenient. You can pack all your clothes and accessories in the bag when you are heading out.
Buyers’ Guide of Fitness Clothes for Travel

If you are buying any gym and fitness clothes for traveling, you want something light and compact. Avoid packing bulky items. This will help you manage space.

When you reach your destination, you can get some light workout down after you settle in. Whether you are into yoga or cardio, the right outfit will help you get more out of your work sessions.

We recommend checking out a yoga set. We will have a full review for yoga wear you can buy from TnySports later on in the article.
Winter Cycling Clothes Buyers’ Guide

Cycling is a great workout throughout the season. With winter coming soon, many of you may take up winter cycling. The thing to keep in mind when shopping for winter biking clothing is that it should definitely keep the cold out.
Yoga Clothing Buyers’ Guide

Perhaps one of the fitness activities where your clothes matter the most is yoga. In yoga, you will be doing a lot of stretches, turning, twisting. Not having the proper wear for the occasion will make it even harder.

When shopping for yoga clothes, there are a couple of things to look out for. The cool thing about yoga clothing is that it has also become a part of the fashion world. So, you can easily find bright colored patterned clothes to match your style if you want to.

Here are some factors you can look into:

Flexibility is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any yoga clothing item. Your yoga clothes need to allow a full range of motion. A lot of advanced poses in yoga involve a lot of twisting and stretching.

If you are restricted by your clothes, the poses will only get harder to perform. So, make sure your yoga clothes are flexible enough and do not restrict your movement.

When you are in comfortable clothes during a yoga session, you can focus on the poses better. An effective session requires you to be present in mind, body, and spirit. If you are constantly distracted by your clothes, you are not making the most of the workout session.

Many believe that yoga is a low-intensity workout, and people do not sweat much. That is not quite true. There are different types of yoga. And some will most definitely have you sweat quite a lot.

For those high-intensity yoga sessions, ensure that you wear breathable clothes. Otherwise, it can get quite uncomfortable very quickly.
Boxing Clothing Buyers’ Guide

When it comes to boxing, there is not a lot you need in terms of clothes. You can get by pretty well with just the basics. Nonetheless, if you want to make the most of it, here is what you need to know:
Boxing Shoes

Ask any experienced boxers and they will tell you how important footwork is in boxing. If you are not constantly moving, your opponent can hit you easily. A pair of boxing shoes is important to maintain grip and be comfortable in this case.

Boxing shoes also allow slight bounce. This helps you dodge attacks and cushioning. Make sure to get one that fits, though. There is nothing worse than buying boxing shoes that don’t fit. You can lose your balance and fall over.

Although there are purpose-built boxing shorts, they are not a necessity. You can wear any training short that is breathable and comfortable for the most part. You might need to look into boxing shorts if you are looking to compete, however.
Weighted Vests

Weighted vests are used for boxers when training. They are not actually worn during matches – for obvious reasons. If you are thinking of buying a weighted vest, get one that fits perfectly. Vest with adjustable weights is also a good way to go.
Gym Clothes Buyers’ Guide

Alright, sit back because this is going to be a long one. Gym clothes are the broadest topic after all. There is a lot to cover.

Gym clothes are important since they are made to be comfortable and breathable. Here is what you should be looking out for when buying gym clothing:
The Fit

The fit is tremendously important when it comes to gym clothes. You do not want something too loose that will be all over the place when you are running.

Besides, if your clothes do not fit you well, it can seriously slow down your performance. You will be distracted during workouts. You also will need to constantly fix your clothes.

This one is a no-brainer. When you are working out, you are most definitely going to sweat at least if you are working out the right way. This is where you will need a breathable pair of clothes to keep the sweat in check.

Working out in non-breathable gym wear is very uncomfortable. And we cannot recommend anyone to do it. There is plenty of breathable gym wear out there. So, finding the right fit will not be a problem.

When choosing your fabric material, the rule of thumb is going with cotton. You cannot easily find 100% cotton gym wear. We do not recommend getting 100% cotton either.

100% cotton clothing absorbs moisture easily and can cling to your body. As you would imagine, this makes for a very uncomfortable experience.

Try to look for 80% cotton, and the rest can be other materials. You might find a mix of spandex or polyester. That is not a big problem, though.

Just like yoga wear, you need to wear some level of stretchable clothes while you are at the gym. Most gym and fitness clothing are fairly stretchable. But it is important to still check it beforehand. Stretchable clothes will allow you to move freely.

If you are doing weights, running, or doing crunches, a full range of motion for your body is important.
Buy Shoes that Fit

Many still wear shoes that do not fit properly. It might not be too noticeable on a day-to-day basis. But when you are at the gym doing cardio or running on the treadmill, ill-fitted shoes is a no go. They will be very uncomfortable to run on and can even be dangerous as well.
Sport Bras are a Big Yes

Again, for women, sports bras are a must. They make your workouts more comfortable. On top of that, they give you support and can even prevent injury.

If you do not know how a sports bra should fit, here is how to check:

Sports bras should fit tighter than normal bras but not too tight. You still need to breathe.
Get ones with straps that do not dig into your body
Look out for chafing around the strap, armholes, or seams.

To check if your sports bra is the right size for you or not, there is a simple test. While you have your bra on, raise your arms over your head. If you feel the elastic band lifts to your rib cage, adjust the straps or get a smaller band.
10 Best Gym and Fitness Clothing Products

Alright, let us get on with the reviews. We looked into the 10 best gym and fitness and clothing items you can find. The best thing is, all of these are available at TnySports!

  1. Women’s Seamless Yoga Set

Product Description: Let’s start with this great yoga set for women. You get a long sleeve crop top shirt and high waist running leggings with this one. If you are a yoga enthusiast, this can be a great addition to your clothing collection.

It is stretchable and breathable. So, you will not have any problem wearing this while doing yoga. You can have complete freedom and access to a full range of motion.

The breathability makes it comfortable to wear when you are doing high-intensity yoga. Another feature we quite appreciated was the quick dry material. It does not take this set long to dry.

You get three size options as well. Pick from S, M, or L sizes for a snug fit.

Design and Quality: If you are someone who likes minimal solid designs, this one is for you. It comes in quite a lot of colors too. There are over 15 colors to choose from. So, you can pick the one that perfectly matches your style.

Quality-wise, it is one of the best one there is. The stitching is strong and the fabric is very durable as well. There is a reason why this is one of the most selling products.


Very comfortable to wear
Allows for a full range of motion
Great quality
Classy and minimal design
Lots of color options
  1. SUTEN 20KG/50KG Weighted Vest

Product Description: If you want to do some boxing training, this SUTEN weighted vest is perfect. There are quite a lot of features here to look out for. You can adjust the waistcoat to get the perfect fit. We also like the fact you can choose from two weight limits.

There is a 20KG one and also a 50KG variant. This vest uses sand to weigh itself down. It is perfect for training at your home or boxing gym.

Design and Quality: The quality of this vest is quite robust, just as you expect from a high-grade weighted vest. The materials used are very rugged and durable, and the seams have proper stitching. We did not feel that the sand pouches would leak or tear at any point. So, that is a huge plus.

It comes in two colors – blue and a stealthy black color. The design is nothing too flashy, which, for a weighted vest, makes sense. It keeps things minimal and understated.


Very durable and rugged
Minimal design
Two weight options
Two-color options
  1. iwuparty Yoga Set with Push Up Bra

Product Description: For someone looking for a sports bra within a yoga set, this is one from iwuparty fits the bill perfectly. It comes with a great quality push up sports bra and a high waist legging.

The fit is very good. The material is a cotton blend. So, it is not 100% cotton, which is good since you would want to avoid 100% cotton. Just like our previous set, this one is also very breathable and quick to dry.

If you need to wash it in a pinch, you can rest assured that it will not take forever to dry. The breathability, of course, helps you when you are doing high-intensity yoga.

All in all, this yoga set is a great alternative for women who want a push-up sports bra yoga set.

Design and Quality: The design of this one is in stark contrast to our previous addition. This one has a louder and bolder design. It features punchy colors and a striped pattern. We actually quite like the design.

Who said gym and fitness clothing had to be boring? You can wear this as everyday clothes too, thanks to the design. You get loads of color options as well. We particularly love the black and blue ones.

The quality is fantastic. The cotton blends felt very nice to the touch. It was comfortable to wear and felt premium throughout.


High-quality materials
Lots of color options
Comfortable to wear
Eye-catching design
  1. Pericic 2 Piece Camo Yoga Set

Product Description: If stripes and solids are not your thing, how about camo? This suit from Pericic features a cool camo print with all the great features from our previous sets.

The best feature for this one is that it is anti-shrink. That essentially means that you can wash it and not have to worry about it shrinking in size. Speaking of size, it is available in the same standard sizes. You can go with either S, M, or L.

It features the same level of breathability as the other suits in the roundup. You get either the full sleeve crop top or push up sports bra one. The choice is yours. The fabric is stretchable and does not limit your motion. So, you can perform yoga poses with ease with the full range of motion.

The snug fit ensures that you do not need to worry about any loose piece of clothing distracting you.

Design and Quality: This set goes all in with the camo look. Although it might not be to everyone’s taste, we quite like it. It looks utilitarian and sleek. The quality is fantastic as well.

The fabric is soft but of high quality. This gives it the perfect blend of comfort and durability.


Superb quality
Great camo design
Comfortable and durable
Breathable and anti-shrink
  1. souteam Yoga Set

Product Description: Are you tired of quality yoga sets yet? No? Good, because we have more for you. This time, it is from the people over at souteam. Their yoga set is very similar to other variations but with two key differences. It somehow puts together the solid color style of our first set but also the design touches.

The other thing is that it is made of nylon. Besides these, the set is almost identically to the rest of the line.

All the sets are very comfortable and breathable. It gives you a full range of motion when doing yoga. So, when you are tackling those advanced yoga positions, you are not restricted.

The set is even easy to maintain too. You can machine wash it without having to worry about it shrinking. When it comes to drying it off, the quick-drying characteristic should be enough to dry it fast.

Design and Quality: As we mentioned, the design is close to our first solid yoga set but with some extra minor details. No matter how you look at it, it looks classy and understated.

You might not be wearing this in public, but for a yoga session in the studio or at home, this is great. If you want to wear a yoga outfit out in public, check out the iwuparty set.

Naturally, there are a couple of color options for you to choose from as well – quite a lot of options actually: over 15. The quality of the material and fabric was great. It held up its stretchiness for us even after long periods of use.


Classy design
Durable materials
Lots of color options
Comfortable and breathable
  1. GONTHWID Casual Streetwear Shirt

Product Description: This casual streetwear shirt from GONTHWID brings effortless elegance to streetwear. One look at this shirt is enough to tell you why people love this shirt so much.

You can wear the shirt in autumn, spring, and also summer – it is quite the versatile shirt. The fit is great and comes in different sizes too. You have choices between M, L, XL, and XXL.

Design and Quality: The design of the shirt is perhaps one of the most impressive things about it. The shirt is very eye-catching and makes for a great conversation piece.

It has a bold color scheme that draws your eyes to it. If you cannot already tell by now, we love the design of this shirt. The quality of the shirt is also top-notch. The fabrics are cotton and polyester. It is comfortable to wear and easy to wash too. All in all, it can be a great addition to any person’s wardrobe.


Eye-catching design
Great quality
Loads of color options
  1. Simple Men Long Sleeve Hoodie

Product Description: Wear this simple hoodie during boxing training or outside the gym. We love the cut and fit of this hoodie. It has a lot of character.

The hoodie is versatile too. You can use it just like a normal hoodie for streetwear fashion too. Whether you wear it in the gym and outside, it will look absolutely gorgeous. As usual, there are a couple of sizes to choose from. You can pick either M, L, XL, XXL, or XXXL.

Design and Quality: The quality speaks for itself. The fabric is fantastic and very comfortable to wear. It is made of polyester. So, if you want to work out in it, it won’t stick to your body.

Although we do not recommend any intense workout in this hoodie, the design is great overall. There is a lot of love that went into designing it – that is apparent from the attention to detail. There are a couple of color options. Choose from black, gray, light gray, and brown.

A nice touch we loved is that the inside of the hoodie is a different color, the strings are too. This creates a nice contrast with the outer fabric color.


Gorgeous design
Polyester fabric
Available in XXL and XXXL sizes
High-quality fabric
  1. TELEYI Fleece Road Bike Clothing

Product Description: This fleece road bike clothing from TELEYI is a great option for women who want to bike during the winter. Who said you need to put layers upon layers when biking in the winter?

Design and Quality: The jersey is a full sleeve variant that is made from 100% polyester. It fits snugly when you are out and about cycling. We loved how free it feels.

It gives you the full range of motion all while keeping you comfortably snug. The pants are made from 80% polyester and 20 stretch and spandex. The outfit is breathable and very comfortable to wear too. The quality of this is quite good. There are a lot of color options too.


Durable material
Great design
Lots of color options
  1. WORPRO 2-piece Long Sleeve Fitness Suit

Product Description: If you want something that will give you full coverage, this suit is perfect.

You can wear this suit for different kinds of fitness activities. Whether you are at the gym, doing yoga, or running, it is quite comfortable and the form fit ensures that it completely stays out of your way. So, you can focus on the workout itself.

It is made of nylon. There are four sizes to choose from – S, M, L, or XL.

Design and Quality: The suit’s design is very impressive. Right from the get-go, you’ll notice the high-quality material. The attention to detail is also here. We like to pay close attention to the stitching. And the quality of the stitching is a sign of the quality. We are happy to report that this suit is very premium.

The design was a positive for us. The suit comes with a two-tone color scheme. There are a lot of color combinations available as well. So, no matter what your personal style might be, you can match it with this suit.


High-quality nylon material
Lots of color options
Great two-tone design
Comfortable to wear
  1. Tiyanka Women’s High Waist Legging

Product Description: Finishing up our round-up for this gym and fitness clothing guide is this women’s high waist legging. It is a Tiyanka product. All our past experiences with Tiyanka have been nothing less than great. They make some of the most durable and high-quality clothing you can find. And this one is no exception.

It is made of polyester and spandex. So, it has some stretch to it. This is great for working out. It can give you a full range of motion when wearing it. The length comes down to your ankles. Whether you want to wear them to the gym or for a run, the legging should hold up perfectly.

It comes in a lot of sizes. So, no matter what your body shape may be, you are likely to find a size that will fit. You can choose from XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Design and Quality: The design is quite classy. It features a solid and mesh combo with “WILLPOWER” printed on the waistline. The overall design gives this legging quite a bit of character.

One small gripe we have with this legging is that there is only a single-color option – not a major problem, though.

The quality of the fabric holds up to our standards. Tiyanka paid a lot of attention to detail. The stitching is strong and durable. We have no doubts that this legging will hold up for quite some time.


Durable material
Great design
Comfortable to wear


When shopping for gym and fitness clothing, there is a simple rule of thumb: shop according to your needs. You do not need to splurge extra cash on gimmicks and unnecessary features.

Buy functional clothing that serves its purpose, and you should be set. All the products we reviewed here are some of the highest quality ones with good design. Simply pick the one that suits your style!